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Author Signed Paperback Form 

Personalized, signed paperback copies make great gifts for yourself and others. These personalized, signed copies are only available direct from the author. 


Please complete the form below for each request (e.g., if you'd like 3 copies, complete 3 forms). 


Each signed copy is $20, which includes the paperback book ($16.99), USPS media mail shipping (~$3.59 but rounding down to $3.01 for easy math), and author swag, such as bookmarkers, stickers, etc. 


All sales are final after the book has been signed.


Books will usually ship within 24-48 hours of request. Media Mail generally takes 3-10 days, but could take longer due to holidays, weekends, weather. (It's USPS after all.) If you need the shipment quicker, please email me at for custom quote on shipping.


For bulk indie bookstore or book club orders, please email me for a custom quote at (or complete contact page on the site).


Note: This is for U.S. orders only. For international, please email me at for shipping costs and details.


Thank you so much for your continued support! I so appreciate it!

Which book are you requesting?
How would you like it signed?
CONFIRM: Please confirm that you have read and understand that: 1. Books will not ship until payment has been received. 2. Books will not ship until right before or the day of release date. 3. Shipping times are out of my control after I have put it in the mail. Sorry. 4. All sales are final once the book has been personally signed.

You rock!

Thanks for your order!

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