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Relatively Complicated!

I'm giving away 100 Kindle copies of Relatively Complicated through Goodreads Giveways. Enter to win between February 15 -March 7, 2024!



At the beginning of her college sophomore year in 1994, Sabella Pierce surrenders to her semester-long psych class assignment: volunteer as a companion for eighty-three-year-old nursing-home resident, May. Having grown up with a bitter grandmother and a lack of enthusiasm for old people, Sabella dreads this project. 


But Sabella’s anxiety about her assignment turns to fascination as she discovers May’s vibrant spirit, life of independence, and stash of handwritten letters from the one who got away. Now Sabella is inspired to create a project of her own: reunite these two long-lost lovers while there’s still time. 


While visiting, Sabella also encounters Ted, the nursing home’s flannel-wearing, alternative–rock listening volunteer coordinator, and college senior. At first she detests his nonconformist attitude and his constant ribbing of her wealthy upbringing. But as her longtime boyfriend, Ryan, is distracted by his jock friends and a flirty girl from his hometown, opportunities with Ted unfold. 


Will the project spark love for Sabella and relight an old flame for May?

The Project will transport you to the 1990s and evoke memories of college days, tumultuous relationships, heartbreak, and love – lost and found. 

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Capri Sweeten was once fun. She was fearless, leading her childhood friend, Matt, on spontaneous adventures like shooting bottle rockets, sailing on the lake, and holding secret meetings in their clubhouse. But that all changed when a business scandal forced their families apart, and Matt and Capri moved away from each other. Now, Capri’s focus is on college classes and work, and she has no time to waste on anything else. Not even on her sort-of-boyfriend, Lance.

When Matt unexpectedly comes back into her life, Capri suddenly finds a lot more room in her schedule. But even she’s surprised when she agrees to help Whitney, her roommate, test a unique dating app she’s coding. (The fact that Matt also agrees has nothing to do with it!) As the two embark on the app’s suggested dates together, Capri slowly recaptures her carefree spirit…and her feelings for Matt.

Just as things seem poised to take off, Matt and Capri are horrified to learn their parents have been secretly dating and they are soon to be stepsiblings. Matt begins to question if they should be together under the circumstances but Capri can’t let him go after she just found him. Her new goal? Break off the wedding so they can have a chance at love that’s (relatively) uncomplicated.



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