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No need to be CRABBY! It’s 2021!

Happy New Year, Friends! It’s a new year and I have so much hope and optimism for 2021!

I gave myself the day off from doing anything yesterday. Seriously, my hubs and I stayed in our jim jams and watched The Flight Attendant and other binge-worthy shows all day. It was heavenly just to shut off my wine-soaked, NYE brain and be entertained.

Today, I got up early and have been productive. I’m in the midst of writing this blog post, my next newsletter, a semi-super secret project for my readers, editing a manuscript from around 2006, and trying to finish four books that I have started reading.

When I feel overwhelmed with too much to do, and am having decision fatigue, I like to switch gears and do something different. AKA I like to procrastinate. I’m really good at it! I’ve been thinking about how we can use the leftover King Crab meat from NYE for dinner tonight.

I wish I could fly a plate of seafood nachos from Paradiso in Fargo, ND (my hometown and the mexi-restaurant I used to work at in college) to my home in Minneapolis. They are so creamy, cheesy, and delish! Instead, we are going to make our own from this recipe. Check it out! Shrimp and Crab Nacho Recipe

If you make them, please let me know and tag me on social!

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