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Procrastinate With A Spec-TACO-Ler Book!

Hey, Friends,

Have you noticed instead of chatting about the weather, that you and your friends, family, or colleagues are now talking about where you are at in your COVID-19 vaccination schedule and any associated side effects? Years from now we won’t be discussing the spring blizzard of X year, we will be remembering the season of vaccinations. It is so surreal!

I’m still surprised that I could launch my first novel during the pandemic, because I had procrastinated for sixteen years prior. Let me tell you, I’m darn good at procrastination! And I wonder why my son’s blow off their homework... I didn’t mean to put off revising my novel and publishing it for sixteen years. It just happened. I did some amazing birth two sons - Chet (16) and Finn (14). I had significant life events that put writing on hiatus - my dad died, we moved from Phoenix to Minneapolis, my marriage ended, became a single momma for many years, met my hubs, planned a wedding, bought a house, traveled here/traveled there...I found excuses and more excuses to put off my dreams. I recognize I went through some stressful times, and sometimes it’s necessary to shelf the extracurriculars for self-preservation. And TBH, much of the hesitancy was disguised as a fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Would my book be a flop? Would reviewers give it 1 star? If I don’t put my work out there, no one would ever know that I don’t know what I’m doing, right?

Looking back, I wished I would have read more instead of binge watching all of those Hallmark movies or insert Netflix shows here. I read about one book a month at best for my book club each month. When I read books now, especially if I really set time to read, they read like a movie or TV show with all the drama that I like to watch. I’m bummed I didn’t take more time to read during the time I

S L O W L Y revised my novel. I could have studied other authors’ styles and structures. I would have potential lists of comparable titles that publishers, agents, and others ask for when reviewing authors’ manuscripts. “They say” to read voraciously as a writer because then you learn the market, competition, what sells, etc.

Stacey’s Suggestion: If you’re a procrastinator like me, don’t have the mental attention right now to write, or are a new writer and don’t know where to start, then just read. Reading is a terrific way to escape and procrastinate until you’re ready!

Let me know if you have any book suggestions that I can add to my TBR pile for when I want to put things off some more. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Check back for more of my path to publishing. Sign up for my monthly-ish newsletters under “Contact”. If you want to email me directly, contact me at . I love hearing from you and meeting new people!

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