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This NACHO typical recipe, but it's delish!

Happy Thanksgiving Food Hangover, Friends! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving (that is if you’re in the US) even if it wasn’t the traditional gathering of friends and family. Darn you, COVID! I had much to be grateful for this year - my family’s health since we’ve managed to not get COVID so far, all my family and friends, and my author dreams come true with my novel officially launching this Tuesday, December 1st! The early reading reviews and buzz has been more than I could ask for. Sincerely, thank you, all!

But back to real life...As I was creating a family meal plan this week, I was thinking about ways to use the leftovers. Turkey Tetrazzini, turkey noodle soup, and then it dawned on me - TURKEY NACHOS! I think I need a support group for my nacho addiction. As my husband will tell you, I can MacGyver anything into a plate of nachos - Saltines with cheese slices melted in the microwave (which I call “honky nachos”...probably not PC. sorry) and desperate times (aka times with a wine buzz and no chips or cheese) - Ritz sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Ok, that maybe happened once. But you get it. :-)

Andy and I have a favorite healthy nacho recipe that my stepdaughters like, but my boys not so much. They are called Bell Pepper Nachos and we use ground turkey, but you could use cubed or shredded leftover turkey. Then I like to top it with shredded lettuce, Greek yogurt (sour cream substitute), and lots of Village Salsa. If you’re from North Dakota or Minnesota, you may have had Village Salsa, but if not, do try it. Don’t underestimate the fact that it is made in Grand Forks, ND, because it’s addicting!

Check out this easy recipe: Nacho boats photo cred to Skinnyms!

Let me know if you make these and tag me in your post!

Next week I’ll post more information on my writing to publishing journey. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!

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